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Potato Growers Links Page

You might find the following web pages of interest. They all either have potato or food industry content that is relevant to our company's operations.

If you know of any other good links please email Steven Andrews.

Higgins Variety Sheets (Arabic)










General Potato Information

Potato News

British Potato Council

United States Potato Information


Weather Sites

Met Office

BBC weather updates


Research and Science Sites



Mylnefield Research

Scottish Agricultural College

SAPPIO Link Programme

Organic production


Agrochemical and Pesticide Information

Du Pont




Pesticide Safety Directorate


British Crop protection Council

Eurep Organisation

Assured Produce


Farming Information


Farming on Line

National farmers' Union


Potato Seed Sites

English Seed Production

Dutch Seed Production


European Sites

French BPC - about French potato organisations

Technical Institute for Cereals which includes the Potato Institute (ITPT) - any technical work on potatoes

Technical group for potatoes grown for processing - any information about potatoes grown for factories (human cons. and starch)

North Seed Organisation - for technical info on how seeds are grown and tested in France

Disclaimer: While we provide links to other World Wide Web sites, we do not control these sites, do not endorse them, and are not responsible for their availability, content, or delivery of services.

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