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Blight Control and Aphid Control in Seed Crops

It has been a long planting season for our crops in the UK. The earliest processing varieties on contract were planted in Cornwall in December and the last of our seed crops will go in during the second half of May.

<b>Blight Control</b>

Blight Control programmes will be well underway for crops emerging in March or April but for most main crops will only just be beginning.

We have grouped our seed varieties according to blight susceptibility and have suggested two programmes that represent our thinking on protection programmes for this year.

<b>Blight Programmes</b>

Good programmes will start early, maintain good intervals, take account of all risk factors and use products with differing modes of action.

One important risk factor is blight sensitivity.

For copies of our more detailed technical newsletter dealing with aphicide resistance

go <a href="http://www.higgins.eu.com/docs/suppliers_technical/pp_area/tech_login.asp">here</A> or give <a href="mailto:ktonks@higgins.co.uk">Karen Tonks</a> a call for a postal copy 01302 774701.

<a href=mailto:"gbyers@higgins.co.uk">Graeme Byers</a>

Technical Director

May 2002

These Notes are guidelines only. The final decision rests with the user and Higgins Agriculture Limited will not be held responsible for any damage which may occur.

When using agrochemicals always read the product label and comply with its conditions of use.

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