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Higgins supports "Taffy Tatties".

A project by The Royal Highland Education Trust has been saved from collapse after sponsorship from Clydesdale Bank was withdrawn.

The initiative for schools in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray encourages the youngsters to plant and grow a crop of potatoes, charting its progress during the season.

This year 35 schools with almost 1500 pupils have registered to take part.

As noted by Dr Kyrstan Black, the Dean of the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen, the project develops group working, supports English, Maths and Science and is linked to diet and health awareness.

10 local firms pledged to support the initiative. Higgins is supplying the seed potatoes using their own variety, Olympus. This is a high yielding variety, developed by the Higgins Group, primarily aimed at the crisping market. It has been shown to produce very low levels of the chemical, acrylamide, during the manufacturing process. Low levels of acrylamide are essential for the production of healthy crisps.

For further details contact :

David Higgins
Higgins Agriculture
Tel: 01302 7705941
Email: dhiggins@higgins.co.uk

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